Virtual 3D museum

"The Ancient Art of Siberia"

The Lab is now developing the first full-featured 3D museum in Russia called The Ancient Art of Siberia.

The application of 3D technology in preservation and research of archaeological heritage over the last decade has opened up new revolutionary opportunities. Artifacts are publicly available on the Internet and processed distantly, which increases manifold the speed of science information exchange. Virtual museums initiate a widest audience to the collections “hidden” in depositories. Any visitor has a chance to examine the artifacts in great detail from all angles and perform any necessary measurements required for research. All the models presented in the museum have been created in the Lab by high-precision contact-free 3D scanning.

Unlike 3D galleries, which only allow looking at the models online, the full-featured museum makes it possible to download artifact models and print their 3D copies using a 3D printer. Each exhibit in the museum has an exhaustive description and a bibliography. The global experience has proven that virtual museums have a huge cognitive and research potential, contributing a lot to cultural heritage preservation.

The project uses the principle of public access. No commercial goal is pursued.

We acknowledge the participation of all the museums involved:

Florinsky Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography, Tomsk State University

Shemanovsky Yamalo-Nenets Okrug Museum and Exhibition Complex

Seversk Museum, municipal institution

The Ancient Art of Siberia Virtual 3D Museum has been developed with the financial support of Trans-Siberian Scientific Way Research Center and using government grant series П 220 No. 14.B25.31.0009 The Human in the Changing World. The Problems of Identity and Social Adaptation in History and in Present Days.

We are grateful to Sketchfab for free PRO account (program of support museums and cultural institutions).

We are grateful to Artec 3D company for free license to Artec Studio 11 – software for professional 3D scanning and data processing.